See the modern way to install fence posts

Simple - avoid the shortfalls of spikes and concrete

Easy-to-get right, low effort – see how

Strong - a sturdy, steady post

What our customers say

David H

"Simpler and more straightforward than I expected.

Ensuring it was properly vertical and correctly spaced was easy and very little backfilling was required. It is exceptionally rigid - high winds on the day following its installation were no problem"

David H, Worcester

Richard L

"I used the SteadyPost system for my new fence six months ago and found it simple and easy to use especially as I needed no concrete. It has stood up to recent gales perfectly well and I am very pleased with it."

Richard L, Southampton

Trish K

"I'm really pleased with the fence which uses SteadyPost’s innovative new FenceFins instead of metal spikes or concrete. It looks very neat, and feels really robust which is important as this side of the garden gets the wind!”

Trish K, Winchester


"I used Steadypost for some garden fencing work recently. It was really quite effortless and did not disturb the garden too much.  

I am pleased to be able to grow plants near the fence which I couldn’t do with the old concrete fixings".

Amanda, Petersfield 


John W

Straightforward and easy to install.  Pretty much as the instructions say, dig a hole, add the post with SteadyPost fins, add soil, check in right place, job done.”

 John W, Property Maintenance Contractor. 


Saul M

"I have used SteadyPost on over a dozen posts now. Once I got going I managed to set up 3 posts an hour which I am pleased with. It really is simple to undertand and use, and is solid in the ground."

Saul M, S3M Property

Alex G

They’re certainly solid, these fence posts aren’t moving.  I can see that the DIYer could manage these without any problems.” 

Alex Green, Alex Green Landscapes


Gary Wood

"The real benefit was the ease at which I was able to do it alone – correcting and aligning the post, and the speed at which the post can be erected.

 Will definitely use the product again….."

Gary Wood